noun | fil·tra·tion | fil-ˈtrā-shən

The means by which one can increase reliability while decreasing maintenance demands; generally results in budget surpluses and headache reduction.


Confused by ISO Codes & Analysis Reports?

Oil analysis reports have a lot of information but very little insight for users to understand what is in the data.

View and download our Reference Guide to Oil Analysis Reports. It's our “go to” companion. In it we share:

  1. Manufacturer’s recommended maximum ISO Particle Count levels under which the best performance and longest service life of their components can be obtained.
  2. How to set your target ISO Particle Count based on the most sensitive component in your system.
  3. A brakedown of the contamination elements listed on your lab report and an explanation of how they are generated or where they enter your system from.

If you need help sorting it all out, talk to the experts at Bennett Filtration. We’ll help you establish a protocol of best practices to reduce fluid contamination and provide DFE rated filter element upgrades that will improve the performance and reliability of your equipment. 


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Oil Conditioning Equipment

Remove water, particulate, acid, varnish, gasses and other contaminants from your fluid.


Filter Elements

Hydraulic Fluid, Lube Oil, Coolant, Strainer, Bag, Air Inlet, Compressed Gas.

Filter Housing

Cartridge, Strainer, Bag, Compressed Gas, Air Inlet


ISO Cleanliness Level Testing

Unbiased, third party, onsite particle and moisture counting service for newly delivered hydraulic oil and in service hydraulic oil systems.

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